We are unique among research firms because of the complementary skills, experience, and collective instincts of our partners.

About Pacific Square

Pacific Square Research is an independent subscription-based research firm that combines fundamental, investigative and forensic analysis. Our target subscriber base includes institutional investors as well as auditing and insurance firms. We believe our performance, since inception, has established us to be a credible source of actionable ideas.

We are unique among research firms because of our complementary skills, experience and collective instincts. We (just the two of us) personally conduct all of the research, analysis and writing, and we can honestly say: We have been doing this long enough to know it when we see it! 

We combine our talents to identify business models and financial statements that we believe are flawed, stretched or misrepresented, and to a lesser extent those that are under-appreciated, overlooked or washed out.

Please noteWe do NOT hold positions in or trade any companies on our coverage listPacific Square Research is a publisher of research and analysis about public companies. Our reports are prepared for informational purposes only. We are not an investment adviser and do not provide investment advice to the subscribers or readers of our reports. Nothing in our reports is intended to be or should be understood as recommending or soliciting the purchase or sale of any security or recommending any trading strategy.

Managing Partners

Herb Greenberg

A veteran investigative financial journalist, Herb’s work has appeared in major print, broadcast and online news organizations, including CNBC, The Wall Street JournalFortuneTheStreetMarketwatch, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Chicago Tribune. Herb has covered most industries throughout his 40-year career, with multiple stories leading to regulatory investigations and indictments. He is also a former partner of GreenbergMeritz Research & Analytics, and spent one year working for a risk arbitrage firm.

Dr. Donn Vickrey, Ph.d, CPA, CFE

A former accounting professor at the University of San Diego, Donn co-founded Gradient Analytics and Verus Analytics & Equity Methods. Donn is recognized among the top forensic accountants, with a focus on quality of earnings, corporate insider trading behavior and behavioral economics. He is also a certified fraud examiner, and is often called as an expert witness. And more than 20 years ago he helped pioneer the methodology to determine predictive insider trades.


Linda McDonough, CFA – A seasoned, short-biased fundamental analyst, Linda is a generalist with this twist: She has also managed money. For 18 years, Linda was an analyst and assistant portfolio manager at Manchester Management in Boston, where she shared responsibility for portfolio decisions on a net-short hedge fund. Later she spent three years as an analyst at 3D Advisors.

Our target subscriber base includes long-short hedge funds, mutual funds as well as auditing, insurance and law firms.


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